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The Bowie County Dive Team began around July of 2008 when a group of Fire Fighters and Police Officers realized an increasing need for divers for rescue, property recovery and victim location in the Bowie County TX and surrounding areas.  It didn't take long before our divers were called into action recovering vehicles from lakes and searching for property.  Although we got together around July 2008, we actually put Officers and Board members into place for their first full year term in January 2009.  Since the original meeting, we have added a few new members.  You are encouraged to view all of our members and get to know them better. 

The Bowie County Dive Team is a Non-Profit organization which operates solely by donated funds.  At this point, most all of the equipment that being used by the dive team, is owned by the individual divers themselves.  We are currently conducting fundraisers to get new gear for the team so that at some point, the divers can quit using their own equipment in nasty and sometimes contaminated water allowing them to use their equipment strictly for pleasure diving, not Search and/or Rescue.  

Anyone wishing to donate to our dive team, may contact me via e-mail ( at: and I will be proud to assist you in helping our team.  Also in the near future, we hope to have a pay-pal link for you to utilize in making donations to the team.  Please check our Sponsors page to see the sponsors so far who have helped our team. As you can imagine, Search and Rescue is expensive, however, it is extremely expensive when you combine diving into that equation.  I encourage anyone who can to help our team gather the equipment needed to successfully complete any and all missions given to our team, that we might become a more effective tool for our community.

Todd Fore
President, Bowie County Dive Team

                                                 BOWIE COUNTY DIVE TEAM MISSION STATEMENT


To assist law enforcement and fire department agencies, as requested, to provide a professional,

 safe and effective response for the search, rescue or recovery of victims and/or property in

 area waterways, lakes or ponds.

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